As a club, Warwick Tennis are extremely committed to giving back to a number of charities. Each year we choose a charity to fundraise for throughout the year. Last year we were able to raise an incredible £2,854.60 for the Helping Hands Community Project based in Leamington Spa. We were able to do this through a number of successful events such as running in the Wolf Run, hosting a club awards dinner and taking part in a charity sleepout. 

We aim to always be raising money for charities even in the most difficult of times. For example during lockdown the club took the One More Lap challenge to raise money for Refuge, a charity supporting those suffering from domestic violence. With the aim to run or cycle the perimeter of the entire country, we eventually surpassed our target of 3553k and managed to 5449.11km in just 14 days. As a result, we were able to raise an outstanding £4,467 for Refuge.

This coming year we will be fundraising for the Trussell Trust, a charity who support a number of food banks throughout the country, providing emergency food and support to those locked in poverty. We intend to raise this money through a number of events throughout this academic year. This will include continuing with successful past events such as the Wolf Run, awards dinner and a co-operating with other sports clubs for charity events. We will also run smaller events within the club such as sweepstakes to continue to raise money even in tough circumstances such as a lockdown.