Meet The Exec

The Exec are elected at the end of Term 2 every year and are responsible for the day to day running of the club, as well as ensuring all our members have the best experience possible within the club. They are always happy to answer your questions and help in any way they can. We have an amazing exec this year and we are all excited to see what changes they will make.

Will, President

Age: 21

MORSE – 4th Year

Favourite Memory of UWTC: Running Baywatch circle with past social sec and President Ben Attle

Email: uwtc.president@gmail.com

Ines, Vice-President & Welfare Officer

Age: 20

Politics & International Relations – 3rd Year

Favourite Memory of UWTC: First year International Tour in Portugal – became a holiday with 30 friends, dressing up, circling on the beach and getting funny looks from locals!

Email: uwtc.vp.welfare.officer@gmail.com

Tabitha, Treasurer

Age: 20

Economics & Global Sustainable Development – 2nd Year

Favourite Memory of UWTC: UWTC was the three legged pub crawl race. We had to go into various pubs and bars to have a drink before moving on to the next. Lots of fun, lots of people laughing at you as you waddle down the highstreet!

Email: uwtc.treasurer@gmail.com

Isabelle, Secretary

Age: 20

Economics – 3rd Year

Favourite Memory of UWTC:

Being able to mix with people from all different years and courses and building friendships with people you would otherwise not have the chance to meet

Email: uwtc.secretary@gmail.com

Lewis, Mens’ Captain

Age: 20

Economics & Industrial Organisation – 3rd Year

Favourite Memory of UWTC:

A match against Durham 2s in my first year, great competitive match which we took to a shootout and great atmosphere to play in.

Email: uwtc.men.captain@gmail.com

Ella, Womens’ Captain

Age: 20

PPE – 2nd Year

Favourite Memory of UWTC:

International Tour 2019 to Albufeira. Highlights were sun-lounger slalom, bat and ball on the beach (because that counts as tennis right?) and the final night!

Email: uwtc.women.captain@gmail.com

Andy, Mens’ Vice-Captain

Age: 21

Maths – 4th Year

Favourie Memory of UWTC:

Varsity 2019. Great atmosphere and great tennis!

Email: uwtc.men.vice.captain@gmail.com

Emilie, Womens’ Vice-Captain

Age: 18

Economics, Politics & International Studies

Favourite Memory of UWTC:

I can’t really tell you one favorite memory because I loved every part of UWTC, especially getting to know so many amazing people!

Email: uwtc.women.vice.captain@gmail.com

Daniel, Charities Officer

Age: 20

Chemistry – 3rd Year

Favourite Memory of UWTC:

Social play so I could show my amazing tennis skills to everyone

Email: uwtc.charities.officer@gmail.com

Joshua, Internal Events & Fresher Rep.

Age: 20

Politics – 3rd Year

Favourite Memory of UWTC:

After Elections and winning Exec Role; we circled then went to Kelseys after and chatted then a few of us went to a park and finished by getting a Maccies. 

Email: uwtc.internal.events.fresher.rep@gmail.com

Famke, Internal Events and Women’s Officer 

Age: 19

History & Politics – 2nd Year

Favourite Memory of UWTC:

Circle after elections! We had been sitting for about three hours and everyone was ready to celebrate so we went down to Rootes to buy some drinks and then our new social secs did their first official circle!

Email: uwtc.internal.events.women.officer@gmail.com

Ben, Social Secretary

Age: 19

Engineering – 2nd Year

Favourite Memory of UWTC:

Circling every week, it’s so unique and you don’t find it anywhere else! Also with social play before it as well, it makes Wednesdays pretty much feel like the weekend.

Email: uwtc.social.secretary.1@gmail.com

Kate, Social Secretary

Age: 19

Maths – 2nd Year

Favourite Memory of UWTC:

My favourite UWTC memory is the Blackpool Domestic Tour – it was an amazing weekend away with the club, where I got to know all the members and made friends for life, as well as getting some of my best memories there!

Email: uwtc.social.secretary.2@gmail.com

Peter, Development Officer

Age: 19

Economics – 2nd Year

Favourite Memory of UWTC:

The Social Play Game Uber-Bluff, it’s a really fun way to finish social play every week – particularly given there is in an incentive not to lose!

Email: uwtc.development.officer@gmail.com

Teresa, Tour Secretary

Age: 21

Politics & International Studies – 3rd Year

Favourite Memory of UWTC:

Social Play – Although I’m not very good at tennis, it is such a supporting environment! I’ve not only met some lovely friends, but also my flatmates for the last two years.

Email: uwtc.tour.secretary@gmail.com