“Look up at the sky, it’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s our social secs Ben and Kate!” Whether you love playing tennis or you’ve never picked up a racket in your life (believe me this is the case for so many of our current members), or you’re just looking to meet some great new friends, you have come to the right place! Coming to Warwick in a COVID-19 world, whether you’re a 1st year just joining, or an older year coming back, will certainly make university life very different. Yet despite the uncertainties, we’d like to paint a picture of what a UWTC social calendar may entail.

Our club is known for its lively and exciting social life outside of playing tennis, as well as an extremely friendly, inclusive and welcoming group of members. Whatever your interests, we’ll have the right event for you.It won’t be long into your university life before you hear the words ‘circling’ and ‘Pop’, yet this is now firmly a part of many of our members’ weekly routines. This is where we, alongside other clubs and societies, gather on Wednesday nights to play drinking games, chat and enjoy hours of sing along, cheesy, yet lovable, tunes! Words really can’t do circling justice so we encourage everyone to come along, give it a go and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

However, if this doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, this is only a small part of the UWTC social calendar. We run many other kinds of socials too, such as bar crawls, meals out, charity events, Varsity and even mixed socials with other sports clubs. This is all without even mentioning the vast number of sober socials we organise to cater for all our members’ needs, for example, ice skating, rounders or our yearly trip to the Wimbledon Championships.

But wait! There’s even more! The highlight of many UWTC members’ lives – our domestic and international tours run every year and will guarantee you an excellent time as well as memories to last a life time. Most of our members will tell you their best times at uni will have happened on these tours.

Hopefully this has convinced you that we are indeed the best club at Warwick Uni, so come along and we know you will fit right in! Check out and join our ‘Warwick Tennis’ facebook page for more information or drop us a message for any questions!


Domestic Tour

Domestic tour takes place in around week 7/8 of term 1 over a weekend, with tickets available for around 40 people at less that £100. As ‘domestic’ would imply it is somewhere with the United Kingdom and in previous years locations have included: Blackpool, Newcastle and Abersoch. The location is meant to remain secret until we arrive, so requires a little bit of faith however guessing in the weeks coming up to it is always an interesting game.

There are plans for the evenings and a more relaxed plan for the days, however this level of freedom is pretty welcomed. Due to Corona the vibe may have to change this year as clubbing is not likely to return by November. With this being taken into consideration we may follow from a few years ago when a large house was hired out in Wales (Abersoch).

International Tour

International tour takes place for 5 days usually around Easter. However, depending on circumstances, it may occur during the start of summer. Covid-19 will obviously be taken into account when planning however hopefully by this time the situation will have improved. Around 30-35 tickets be available and in previous years locations have included Albuferia, Badalona and Magaluf.

Tour location will be released right before tickets go on sale in December/January as we appreciate it is a bigger decision to make, with tickets at around £300. It is a completely different vibe to Domestic tour due to the length, as we can include more activities such as renting tennis courts and explore some of the culture of where we visit. Furthermore the nightlife abroad is on its own level compared to the UK in my opinion. International tour is a highlight of being part of any society, not only tennis, and strongly encourage everyone to take part!