What is Team?


The university fields 3 men’s teams that compete in BUCS Divisons 1 and 2, comprised of all elite players that have competed at a national level or better as juniors. There are 3 training sessions a week all indoors and taken by the 2 coaches that look after the men’s team; Tom Holmes (level 4 LTA performance coach) and Dave O’Leary (level 3 LTA performance coach and Memphis University alumni). We also work with Warwick Performance Sport who provide us with coaching for 2 fitness sessions a week. Each team plays 10 BUCS league matches a year and enters into the cup as well. For the top players there will be an opportunity to play in the BUCS individual championships as well as for local club Beechwood in the National Club Leagues in the summer. There are extensive trials at the beginning of the year to select the team cohort. 


The university women’s team consists of 3 teams that compete in BUCS Divisions, and a development squad. The team consists of approximately 16 players, with a further 6-8 in the development squad. Trials are held at the beginning of first term, with retrials occurring in January.  The team trains three times a week on the indoor courts at the Tennis Centre and are coached by Tom Holmes, Level 4 LTA Performance coach. As a Warwick Bronze Performance Sport, we benefit from 2 fitness sessions a week, as well as drop in physio sessions and nutrition workshops.

For the top players, there is also the opportunity to compete in the BUCS Individual Championships, and to play for local club Beechwood in the National Club Leagues in the summer, as well as all players being able to compete in the UWTC Summer Tournament.  

We hold frequent social events throughout the year to build team spirit across both team and development squad, with team members also encouraged to engage with some of the activities offered by the wider tennis club. Training sessions look to balance intensity with fun. Ultimately, playing university tennis can undoubtedly be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences during your time at Warwick.

Development Squad

Both the Men and Women’s teams also boats a development squad for those players who don’t make the team line up in trials. This provides an opportunity for players to train at a high level under the guidance of the men’s captain and vice once a week and an opportunity to train with team players once a week alongside this. As a member of development squad you can compete in friendlies against other universities with players of similar standard. 

The aim of the development squad is to assist in the progression of players who have narrowly missed out on a place in the team, with the ultimate goal of them moving into the team.


Trials for team include 2 sessions. The first of which will be a short sharp session of no longer than 15 minutes to filter into the top level players who will then be invited into the second trial session where they will play a few points/tiebreaks against other hopeful applicants and current team members, this time under the eye of the team coaches. We then collectively as a team will make a decision based on what we have seen, usually about 3-5 players get put into the team squad and 6-8 players get put into the development squad. We usually get around 150-200 applicants for a place in the team squad – it will not be easy to get a position!


Members of both the mens’ and womens’ Tennis Teams are required to pay for membership to University of Warwick Tennis club. On top of this, members of the team are required to pay £120 per year on top, and the Development Squad is required to pay £25 per year.